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  • Cherington is a wee little village about four miles North East of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in the South Cotswolds. Winner of several Best Kept Village awards, Cherington is much loved by those who live there today, many with roots in the village that span generations, and those who have since moved further afield. If you'd like to submit a story for this site, please email tim@timeldridge.com. Attach photos to your email as jpeg files.

Pattern of Services at St Nicholas Parish Church

  • 1st Sunday in the month: 9:30am, Parish Eucharist (Sung).
  • 2nd Sunday in the month: 9:30am, Sung Matins
  • 3rd Sunday in the month: 9:30am, Parish Eucharist
  • 4th Sunday in the month: 11:00am, Family Service
  • 5th Sunday in the month: 11:00am Family Service

Church Services for Advent and Christmas

  • Sunday 9th November, 6:00pm, Remembrance Service
  • Sunday 30th November; 11:00am, Family Service
  • Saturday 6th December, 5:00pm, Christingle Service followed by Lighting the Christmas Tree on the Village Green
  • Sunday 21st December, 5:00pm, Carol Service followed by drinks in the village hall.
  • Wednesday 24th December 10:00pm, Midnight Service
  • Christmas Day; 10:00am, Family Service

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